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(replace -at- with @) - The semi-official website related to the Sinclair QL Professional Computer. Sinclair QL Software download and more. Come and get THE DISTRIBUTION with 4 GB of QL related documents, software and images!

This Sinclair QL internet site offers a whole lot for you to explore, download and try out.

The QL's software Environment is not a type of Unix. It's not a flavour of Linux. It's certainly got nothing to do with Windows or MacOS! The QL software Environment is its own thing - a very specialised 68K-based single-user preemptive multitasking operating system with a procedural structured BASIC interpreter as shell. So if you've not used it before, you will find it doesn't behave quite the same way as anything else. The QL community think it's better! We hope you enjoy your experience with the QL software Environment.

First there are those unique original documents dated 1982 to 1986 from the QL's inventor company Sinclair Research Ltd. Internal stuff like employee directories or preliminary documentation of the operating system, the launch press conference marketing material, brochures, magazine adverts, advertisement features, software developer's guide, user guide, service manual, you name it.

Second there are in-depth interviews and articles from this millennium reflecting the QL's history.

Last but not least there is THE DISTRIBUTION, a huge repository of QL related programs, documentation and images. Last updated in 2021 (RELOADED edition!), altogether there are about 4 GB of documents, software and pictures in the latest version of this massive collection called QL IS 30 2014 - THE DISTRIBUTION. Here's a short summary of what it offers:

  • QL/E - THE QL ENVIRONMENT!, a pre-configured and ready to go portable QL runtime environment (applications, demos, desktops, games, tools, utilities) using the latest versions of the virtual QL machines (aka emulators) QPC2 and SMSQmulator and the operating system SMSQ/E.
  • All 17 volumes of the QL Today magazines ever published (1996-2013, 123 issues) as scanned PDF files
  • Seven volumes of the QUANTA eMag (Volumes 22 to 28, 2005-2011, 43 issues) as PDF files
  • A playable version of the so called "megagame" Bandersnatch
  • GMOVE software blitter by Linus B Torvalds, the inventor of Linux
  • Prospero Pro Pascal & Pro Fortran-77 programming languages
  • QDT desktop by James "Jim" Hunkins
  • QTop user front end by Urs König
  • TRON Light Cycles game
  • Rotating Head & Elite demos
  • Original QL Demonstration software written by "bi Si" (Sinclair Research Ltd)
  • New (2014) QL industrial design by Rick Dickinson, industrial designer of the Sinclair computers
  • QL DOCUMENTATION collection v2.97, incorporating SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual
  • QL EMULATORS collection v1.46
  • QL ON A STICK environment v1.14
  • QL TOOLKITS collection v1.03
  • QL GAMES collection v1.03
  • QL INTERACTIVE FANTASY collection v1.01
  • QL ZEXCEL SPECTRUM EMULATOR collection v1.03
  • QL HISTORY collection, 30th anniversary edition
  • QL PICTURE GALLERY (SQPG) collection v3.30a

    Enjoy exploring the QL World!

    Keep always in mind: QL forever!