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Subject: Report: QL Meeting in Bielefeld 19Feb1994
Date: 4 Mar 1994 07:24:29 GMT
Organization: Johannes Gutenberg-Univ. Mainz
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here's my *long ago* promised report about the international
QL meeting in Bielefeld Germany.  Please apology my sometimes
*bad* or *harsh* english.

Well, after a very long travel from Darmstadt via Frankfurt, Kassel and
Hannover I arrived in Bielefeld and joined the QL meeting.

When I arrived at about 10.20 not many people were their.  The first
one and a half hour I spend at the QUBBESOFT stand copying 15 disks
(C68 Compiler with utilities and XChange).  They also offered Trump Cards
and some old magazines about the QL.  After that I went to Jochen Merz
who introduced a new version of his QD editor now version 6 and version
5 of the famous QMENU extension.  He also had a new version of the QMOM 
Disassembler/Monitor/Debugger which now comes with JMON a PE version of 
QMON (I assume).

Then I went to the PROGS stand from Nathan and Joachim van der Auwera, the
two guys who brought us LINEdesign the famous vector drawing program and
the DATAdesign database program.  I had a *really* interesting talk with
Joachim about DATAdesign :-).

Next to  out meeting was a swimming pool: very fine...
The meeting was at the end of a f?!*ing great hall which was full of
little shops: some people awaited a lots of grandma's coming in any
moment for shopping.

I had a talk with W.N. Richardson who told me that he bought all remaining
QL's (3500) when Sinclair got in trouble and Amstrad showed no interest
in them.  When he had sold them out he had lots of original spares not
only the QL but also the spectrum.  He can sell now Spectrum's +2, +2A and
+3 (and some QL's).  Furthermore he has membranes for Spec plus and 128
and QL, cartridges IC's and the QL service manual with circuits, monitors
and disc drives.

At TF Services I met a you men (I don't know his name; someone told me
he was from Croatia) who managed to build a new QL hardware with lots of
expansions on the PC board (I havn't talked with him but that thing looked
really nice, although it was not ready built).  He was talking with
another (who coincidental is my brother) who is going to built another
QL PCboard to which one can fit original QL extension cards.  For this
second machine it's intended to build a floating point card and
a SCSI card.  (I hope it'll have a 68020 on it, I'll post when I know
more about it).

Next to the TF Services stand was Stuart Honeyball from Miracle.  He
introduced his new Super Gold Card, an enhancement of the Gold Card with
Motorola 68020 processor running at 24 MHz. This card is fitted with
4MB of RAM supports up to four ED-drives (without disc adapter) and
has a parallel/centronics port on board. I don't want to talk here
about that what DP claims in their advertisement in SQLW 1/94 about
this Super Gold Card (their products may be very good, but I DON'T
like their publicity department!!).

Jurgen Falkenberg was their also, but his stand looked more like a
PC selling stand than QL.

COWO offered their QTop program and the ArcED editor.

Albin Hessler Software showed their Easypointer package and their new
Cueshell program, a desktop program for QDOS compatible systems
(uses the Pointer environment and has a very comfortable view
window (You can scroll files forward and backward and you have 
additional options to make Quill files and embedded text in code files
easily readable).

Also there were the German QL Club, NASA (Norwegian All Sinclair Association),
QItaly, Sin_QL_Air (Dutch National QL  User Club), the Swiss QL Clubthe guy 
who wrote Easy Circuit and some others whom I forgot (sorry about that!).

Well, at last I was at the Ergon stand where they showed me the
Floppy Disk Utilities (He spoke english, I spoke english but we had
problems to understand each other...) which I bought finally and
I can really use this program a lot.  They also had the
two Spectrum emulators for the QL.

Well, I have metioned some people more and some less, but this only
shows my QL peferences (and there was more time left! I left at 18:30
instead of 17:00 when the meeting should official end.

And I met Franz Herrmann whom I only knew from Internet ana had a
interesting (for me) talk with him.

QL lives!
PS: Anyone out there having problems with using Jochen Merz'
AtariDos on Minerva QL's? I have problems with the ADELETE command:
It reports a 'not found error'.
Robert H. Klein  email:
papermail:  Bluecherstrasse 24,  D-56349 Kaub,  Germany
** Warning: I'm student of math sciences and QL user **

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