* * * SANDY FUTURA, the long lost 1986 "dream machine" * * *

Added: December 12th 2010 (Content) | Updated: June 5th 2017 (Broken Links & Formatting fixed)


Lucerne, December 12th 2010 – Back in 1986 I was waiting to buy my dream machine which then never materialised. Almost 25 years later I was able to open Pandora's box and to raise the veil.

Click on picture above to watch the Opening of Pandora's box in HD (1280x720) resolution (offsite-link).


In the last few weeks I’ve scanned many related magazine articles and advertisements, letters and even the original promotional flyer with order form and pricelist. You can download the documents in a ZIP-file (154MB) directly from this link.

I wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year!

QL forever!, Urs

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