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Added: June 11th 2010 | Released: July 9th 2010 (Content), June 5th 2017 (Broken Links & Formatting fixed)


Lucerne, July 9th 2010 – After months if not years of research, seeks, talks and other communication I'm proud to announce that Jeff Fenton, founder and owner of GST and legal successors, has declared all GST software written for the Sinclair QL as public domain. This includes 68K/OS, the Assembler, QC, Editor, Macro Assembler, Linker and all Demos.

Statements of rightholders

Here's the original statement made by Jeff Fenton in an eMail to me:
Von: Jeffrey Fenton
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010 22:20
An: Urs Koenig
Betreff: Re: GST QL software as public domain / your GST/QL story.

I confirm that I an happy to announce that all GST software
written for the QL is now declared public domain and may be freely
used and copied by anyone. It or any derivative products may NOT
be copied or sold for profit


QUANTA did release their updated version of the Macro Assembler called QMAC into public domain too. Read:
Von: Dilwyn Jones
Gesendet: Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010 19:46
An: John Gilpin
Cc: Urs König
Betreff: Re: QMAC and QLINKER

> Following discussion with Sarah, we have now received more than 50% of
> the committee votes FOR my motion to release the QUANTA versions of
> QMAC and QLINKER to Public Domain.
> Please can you pass this information on behalf of QUANTA to Urs Koenig
> for inclusion in his forthcoming release.
OK - Urs, please let me know you got this information.

Dilwyn Jones


In the last few weeks I’ve prepared a complete distribution of all GST stuff I fetched over the years. You can download the full GST distribution directly from this link.

I’m off for summer holidays now.

QL forever!, Urs

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