"QL & Mac are 25" international event - Oct 31st/Nov 1st 2009
Verkehrshaus, Lucerne, Switzerland

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Click on pictures (on the iPhone you see just one [the first] of the two pictures!) above to view the teaser videos for the upcoming "QL & Mac are 25" show (offsite-link).

Lucerne, July 1st 2009 – 2009 is the year of the 25th anniversary of breaking innovations in personal computing. Early 1984 two milestones were unfolded on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Europe was first with the launch of the 32-bit multitasking/multiwindowing Sinclair QL. 12 days later America saw the launch of the 32-bit GUI/multiwindowing Apple Macintosh. They both entered the field to compete with IBM's PC.

The Sinclair QL, world first 32-bit multitasking/multiwindowing personal computer Apple Macintosh, 32-bit GUI/multiwindowing personal computer

While the Mac did it in the long run and is a mainstream product in the present and future, the QL went into dust. Before leaving the field, the QL inspired many experts and influenced today's products in one way or another. Most prominent example is Linux, where its creator Linus Torvalds was a QL hacker back in the 80s. To learn more about all that please follow the full 25th anniversary story.

QDT, the modern QL Desktop by an ex Apple employee Mac OS X, NeXTstep in new packaging

Recent coverage and homage of the QL in both media and web motivated us to organize an international event. The event will be in a conference style with sessions, exhibition and traders & workshop area. It will be hosted in the brand new Conference Center at Verkehrshaus, Lucerne, Switzerland (Swiss Transport Museum) on Oct 31st and Nov 1st 2009.

For those attending, Lucerne and the Verkehrshaus offer many more opportunities (mount Pilatus, famous KKL concert hall, lake Lucerne, mount Rigi, Engelberg-Titlis glacier, etc.) to spend time and enjoy a rich weekend in the beautiful heart of Switzerland.

Lucerne tourism - a good entry point for accommodations and must-see opportunities Verkehrshaus - Swiss Transport Museum Mount Pilatus KKL Lucerne - the concert hallKKL Lucerne - Salle Blanche
Lake Lucerne Mount Rigi Engelberg-Titlis - Mount Titlis (10'000 ft / 3'020 m) with glacier

Event overview

  • Date: Sat/Sun Oct 31st/Nov 1st 2009
  • Type: Conference (Sessions, Talks, Meet the Experts), Exhibition, Traders & Workshop area
  • Location: Verkehrshaus Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Site, Rooms: Conference Center 2nd floor, rooms DC3, Orion and Fokker (Photos of site and rooms)


  • Conference with sessions and talks on "QL & Mac early days", "innovation & design then and now", "RAD then and now", "current Mac/iPhone, Windows and QL developments", ... and an introductory keynote session by a VIP
  • Retro-computing exhibition featuring QL, Mac and many more computers from the 80s
  • Traders & Workshop area
  • Meet the Experts: Dilwyn Jones (Wales), Jochen Merz (Germany), Jon Dent (Switzerland), Marcel Kilgus (Germany), Ruben Bakker (Switzerland), Simon N Goodwin (UK), Tony Firshman (UK), Urs König (Switzerland) to name a few
  • Official 25th anniversary Dinner on Sat Oct 31st 2009
  • Agenda
  • Session assignment to time slots is as follows:
    Sat Oct 31 2009 Topic Sun Nov 1 2009 Topic
    09:30-10:00 Registration at the Info Desk in the Conference Center on 2nd floor 09:30-10:00 Registration at the Info Desk in the Conference Center on 2nd floor
    10:00-11:00 Welcome & Keynote Session. (Urs König & XXX) 10:00-10:45 "The Quantum Leap innovation & design process in retrospective..." (S2, tbc)
    - - 11:30-12:15 Launchpad, "the complete desktop GUI for QDOS/SMSQ" (S6, Dilwyn Jones)
    13:00-13:45 Apple Mac OS X, "The Mac died nine years ago!" (S7, Ruben Bakker) 13:00-13:45 Windows 7, "what the world got on Oct 22nd 2009?" (S4, Markus Limacher)
    14:30-15:15 Sinclair QL, "the Mac that never was..." (S1, Urs König) 14:30-15:15 RAD, "Rapid application development then and now..." (S3, Urs König)
    16:00-16:45 AmigaOS4.1, "still improving..." (S8, Anton Preinsack) 16:00-16:45 SMSQ/E and QPC, "the core of the virtual QL environment..." (S5, Marcel Kilgus)
    16:45-17:00 Day one closing, information on the "Official 25th anniversary celebration dinner". (Urs König) 16:45-17:00 Summary and farewell. (Urs König)


    Registration and entrance to the event is free (no admission fee)!
  • Registered visitors get one discount voucher for the museum (Verkehrshaus, Swiss Transport Museum, admission fee CHF 14 instead of CHF 27).
  • They also get one quality special edition "QL & Mac are 25" backpack (while supply last).
  • Use the "Doodle" link below to register for one or two days, as trader, speaker or for the official dinner.
  • Doodle - online registration
    Please use the registration to give us feedback and help us to outline and plan as best as possible.


    The event is organised and financed by members of the former "Sinclair User Club Schweiz". It is supported and sponsored by the following partners.
  • coWo - competence that works
  • QUANTA (QL Users and Tinkerers Association) - the Independent QL Users Group
  • A&F Computersysteme - supporting the Mac since 1984

    Map, travelling and accommodation

    Switzerland has very good travelling possibilities. From both Zurich (International Hub, easyJet from London-Luton and London-Gatwick) and Basle (European Hub, easyJet from London-Gatwick and 20 other cities...) airports, Lucerne is just about an hour by train or car from the airport. Lucerne is a famous tourist location and offers a wide spectrum of accommodations from B&B, through hostels to 5 star hotels.
  • Map of location
  • SBB - Swiss Rail
  • Lucerne tourism, a good starting point for accommodations and must-see opportunities

    "Final words"

  • 1 occasion (25th anniversary of QL & Mac) to enjoy past, present and future of microcomputing
  • 2 days (conference, sessions, exhibition, talks, workshops, user group)
  • 4 free (no admission fee)
  • 8 enriching sessions (covering QL, Mac, iPhone, Windows 7, Mac OS X, even AmigaOS 4.1)
  • 16 systems on display in the exhibition (microcomputers from the 80s)
  • 32 beautiful places (mount Pilatus, famous KKL concert hall, lake Lucerne, mount Rigi, Engelberg-Titlis glacier, etc.) to visit beside the show
  • Don't miss the show!

    Happy 25th anniversary and QL forever!

    Urs König (aka QLvsJAGUAR)

    Urs König's "QL is 25" mailbox

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