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Added: March 12th 2009 | Last updated: June 5th 2024
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Sinclair QL Computer, User_Guide, Software, Microdrive Cartridges

Mar 12th 2009 – SINCLAIR QL Preservation Project (SQPP) launched as part of the "QL is 25" activities, starting with documents/publications from Sinclair Research Ltd and various computer magazines of the years 1984 to 1986. To learn more about all that please check out the full 25th anniversary story.


25 years is a long time in life and a very long time in ICT. Another 25 years and almost certainly all QL related know-how (software, hardware, paperware and any brainware) will be lost forever if no measures will be taken today. Another good reason for doing this project is to clean out my attic and shed to get more space for non QL related stuff.


During 2009 I was able to use a powerful Xerox WorkCentre 7655 AIO for a few months to produce high quality scans in both JPG (pictures) and searchable PDF (documents) formats. Equipped with a new digital camera (Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ7) in summer 2009, I was able to produce high quality still pictures as well as HD videos (1280x720 pixels). Later on (2010 onwards) I started to use a HP Photosmart Premium AIO to scan the printed material. In 2012 and 2013 I upgraded my cameras to a Full HD equipment consisting of a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ31 and a Panasonic LUMIX HC-V727. The same year I've bought an Epson WorkForce WF-7525 AIO which offers an A3+ scanner.


Since autumn 2009 I use a spare room in my offices of the Lake Valley Labs for my Retro Computer and Videogames collection. I'm calling this room the Lake Valley Retro Labs.

Milestone Releases (Exclusive material)

  • Dec 29th 2009 – Linus Torvalds QL contributions resurrected (his GMOVE software blitter and more to come)!
  • Jun 11th 2010 – GST written QL software (68K/OS, Assemblers, Linker, C to name just a few) is public domain now!
  • Dec 12th 2010 – SANDY FUTURA (aka QJUMP QLT), the long lost "1986 dream machine!" resurrected!
  • Sep 2nd 2011 – QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) v3.00 (1519 pictures in 55 folders) completed and released! To be included in the upcoming QL Today DVD 2011.
  • Dec 10th 2011 – QL Today DVD 2011 Strip & Pimp program released. Making the most out of the QL Today DVD 2011. Related to the article "Pimp my DVD" in the QL Today magazine Dec 2011 (Issue 2 of Volume 16).
  • Dec 12th 2012 – QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) v3.10 (1693 pictures in 68 folders) completed and released.
  • Aug 30th 2013 – QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) v3.20 (1797 pictures in 78 folders) completed! To be included in the upcoming QL Today The Final DVD which was also completed today.
  • Sep 10th 2013 – QL Today The Final Issue with The Final DVD released today.
  • Jan 12th 2014 – sinclairql.net, The Repository of the Sinclair QL Preservation Project (SQPP)! established today as part of the QL is 30 web activities.
  • Feb 9th 2014 – QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) v3.30 (1979 pictures in 84 folders) completed and released! To be included in the upcoming QL IS 30 2014 - THE DISTRIBUTION which was announced on Jan 12th 2014.
  • Apr 29th 2015 – QL IS 30 2014 - THE DISTRIBUTION (content 4.7GB) released for public download (no need to order anymore).
  • Sep 9th 2015 – QL/E version 3.10 released as a stand-alone edition on the day of the September 2015 Apple product launch.
  • Sep 4th 2017 – QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) v3.40 (2284 pictures in 93 folders) completed and released, see Picture Gallery (SQPG)!
  • Jun 18th 2018 – Scans of unique original papers from Sinclair released.
  • Jun 23rd 2018 – Firmware binaries and SuperBASIC programs of unique original THORN (EMI) DATATECH EPROMs released.
  • Jun 30th 2018 – Early 1984 firmware version PM (QDOS v1.02) ROM binary of EPROMs from a D03 build standard QL released.
  • Mar 22nd 2019 – Google+ blog saved for posterity.
  • Dec 22nd 2019 – Advent 2019 saw the release of 4 (!) packages: QL RELOADED - THE DISTRIBUTION version 3.05 for PC, Raspberry Pi and QL systems; plus QL/E version 3.19 for QubIDE/QubATA based systems.
  • Feb 29th 2024 – Original later Sinclair version 1.2 (used in later chips made by NEC only) of the embedded custom firmware in the 8049 IPC preserved and published.
  • Jun 5th 2024 – Original later Sinclair (internal) versions 2.0 (used on an 8749 which came with Jonathan) and 3.19 (used on an 8749 which came with Steve) of the embedded custom firmware in the 8049 IPC preserved and published.
  • Jun 5th 2024 – Original Sinclair 2nd version of the ZX8302 Peripheral Chip called ZX8302A with ID NCR0380323 preserved and existance published.



    First idea was to host the files for download on my cowo.ch domain. Still some files are hosted there. Most stuff is now in the Repository of my sinclairql.net domain. Soon after I have started with SQPP, I did realise that for several reasons (webspace, convenience, ad hoc uploads, comments, etc.) it is wiser to use existing web 2.0 based community platforms. I decided to go with Microsoft's OneDrive (fka SkyDrive) Photo Gallery and Storage cloud services for the Sinclair QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) and Google's YouTube online services for the QLvsJAGUAR Video Channel. With those services updates/additions are very easy and space is almost unlimited.

    QL forever!

    Urs König (aka QLvsJAGUAR)

    Send an eMail to Urs König's "QL" mailbox (replace -at- with @).

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